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Proprpostur Style Book s/s 2011 from Propr Postur on Vimeo.

ProprPostur Style Book Spring/Summer 2011.

[Styling/Filming by Spencer Edwards.]

This is a video style book created by fashion student and stylist Spencer Edwards, behind the label Proprpostur.

Based in Ottawa, while making frequent trips to Montreal, Spencer Edwards captures the sense of style in these cities focusing especially on mens’ fashion. He encourages his fellow gentlemen to be inspired by style and to not be afraid to express themselves through their own personal style.

I like the way he defines style as part of one’s culture, environment and upbringing. The way we are socialized influences the way we choose to express ourselves through what we wear. Who you hang out with, what music you listen to or what part of the city you live in are all elements which influence your personal style, in essence, “how you want to portray yourself,” Spencer says.

ProprPostur aims to illustrate the various ways men express their personal style.

"Posture is defined as: A frame of mind affecting one’s thoughts or behaviour; an overall attitude as well as a characteristic way of bearing one’s body; carriage. These definitions were used in a fashionable urban sense to create this concept. Growing up everyone was raise to always make sure their posture was always upright and proper. Giving you Proper Posture (ProprPostur)."

Source: http://www.proprpostur.com/p/about-proprpostur.html

The ProprPostur Spring/Summer 2011 Style Book features the essential styles of the season. Bold colors, patterns and quirky accessories patterns are some of the elements of style we can see in the streets in the streets of Ottawa and Montreal.

Watch this incredibly artistic video for 6 minutes of your life you won’t regret.